Digital Temperature Controller

Classification Contents
Range of temperature set-up 5~35°C
Temperature unit 0.5°C
Temperature transducer NTC Thermistor
Temperature error in indication ±0.5°C
Winding method 2-wire
Power AC220V /60 HZ
Heating status display lamp Red: heating
Green & OFF: Stop
  • Operation is efficient with dial and button
  • Function for optimal heating management
  • Wiring is efficient
  • Combined use of air-conditioning and heating
  • Power mode : Indicate the current room temperature (function of freeze protection)
  • Set-up mode : Temperature control by the set room temperature
  • Timer mode : Possible to set up 24 hours a day by 1 hour unit
  • Flow control mode : Resolve the imbalance according to controlling the flow rate and heating surface.
  • Time mode : clock function