Wax-type Actuator

Wax-type Actuator

Dimension : ø48, Height : 72mm
Classification Contents
Rated Voltage AC220V 60Hz
Power consumption 3watt MAX
Open and closing time 3~10 minute
Wire length 1m
State of heating block
Power ON OFF
Electric Usage Energy consumption is significant because the power supply is continuously supplied when blocking the heating Because there is a lot of blocking time of heating for years, it can be saved compared to the original products
Indication Classification
  • When the top button is pushed : Heating
  • When the top button is up : Stop
  • When the top button is up : Heating
  • When the top button is pushed : Stop
Possible Complaint Issues During moving and long-time absence, the electric breaker is turned OFF and heating valve is not closed, so excessive heating cost occurs. Heating gets blocked during outage.
A. Outage is very unusual at APT.
B. Individual heating gets blocked during outage.
* Solution: During long-time outage, remove the actuator from valve.

Mini-type Wax Actuator

<Automatic/Manual On/Off> Function

Dimension : ø48, Height : 72mm