Motor-type Actuator

Classification Contents
Power AC220V 60Hz
Power Consumption 3 watt (during operation)
Allowed pressure control 4 bar
Open and closing time 10 seconds
Wire 3P (green, white, black)1m
Fixing Prevention Opening and closing once in 48 hours
Opening and Closing Indication
  • Dial Red : Heating(Valve is opened)
  • Dial Green : Stop(Valve is closed)

  • A degree of valve’s opening and closing and the flow rate based on the heating surface can be controlled by remote control of heating controller.
  • Digital temperature controller can be used.
  • With Micom controlling method, protecting function of valve & insert(counterpart) is embedded. (When 48 hours heating is off, automatic one time ON→OFF operating status can be easily recognized (ON↔OFF 10 seconds)
  • During outage and malfunction, manual operation is efficient.